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ICLEI ~ Local Governments for Sustainability

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ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability – is an international membership association of over 470 local governments, cities, towns, counties and their associations that are committed to sustainable development.

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Incineration of Waste

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The incineration (high-temperature burning, using sophisticated high-tech equipment) of wastes, particularly non-recyclable municipal waste and a variety of industrial and hazardous waste, is practised in many countries, largely in Western Europe.

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Indigenous Peoples

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Indigenous peoples are people who have lived a traditional way of life for many centuries and who still retain close ties with the land.

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Indigenous Plants

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Indigenous plants are plants that are native to a particular area. South Africa has many indigenous species that which are found only in Africa. ‘Fynbos’ is one example.

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Industrial Ecology

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'Industrial ecology’ refers to the exchange of materials between different industrial sectors where the ‘waste’ output of one industry becomes the ‘feedstock’ of another.

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Integrated Environmental Management (IEM)

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Integrated environmental management is a philosophy that is concerned with finding the right balance (sometimes called the 'golden mean') between development and the environment.

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Integrated Pest Control(IPC)

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Integrated pest control is the modern approach to managing all kinds of pests, be they insects, plants, birds or animals. The theory is to use methods that control the pests, whilst minimising the possible damage to the environment.

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Integrated Pollution & Waste Management

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Integrated pollution and waste management (IPM&WM) is an integrated approach that has been adopted by the government to deal with the current problems relating to waste management and pollution.

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Interested & Affected Parties (AIP's)

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This is a term used to describe those people who have a concern about a development, project, policy or action and who need to be consulted during the process of decision making.

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The World Conservation Union, also known as the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature), was established in Fontainebleau, France, in 1948 as the world’s first international conservation organisation.

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