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Acid Mine Drainage

( Article Type: Overview )

Mine water pollution has been identified by the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism (DEAT, 2008) as an emerging issue"... that may affect the future state of the environment" and, as such, qualifies for inclusion in the next state...

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( Article Type: Explanation )

The Concise Oxford Dictionary defines activism as 'a policy of vigorous action in a cause, especially in politics.' The opposite of active is passive or inactive. But as far as environmental protection is concerned, just what does activism entail?

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( Article Type: Explanation )

The word ‘aerosol’ describes the dispersion, through the air, of minute solid or liquid particles that are so light that they fall to the earth very slowly.

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( Article Type: Explanation )

Aesthetics is a discipline which describes how attractive, beautiful or pleasing to the senses (sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste) a particular scene, building, painting, or image may be to the observer.

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( Article Type: Explanation )

Afforestation refers to the establishment of commercial tree crops by purposeful planting on land previously not used for tree crops, e.g. the establishment of monocultures of pines, eucalypts or wattles in areas of primary grassland in South Africa.

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African Environmental Tradition

( Article Type: Sustainable Development )

Respected friends, when most people talk about the extinction of wildlife as well as plant life on this planet of ours, they tend to make the mistake of talking about something, which happened in the remote past.

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Agenda 21

( Article Type: Explanation )

'Agenda 21', so named because of its position in the meeting agenda, is a global plan of action for sustainable development agreed to by most United Nations member nations at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (also call

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( Article Type: Explanation )

Agriculture is the formalised and structured means by which humankind grows food to feed the growing population.

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Agroforestry is the practice of combining agriculture and forestry technologies to optimise the use of land, to prevent land degradation and to produce more sustainable land-use systems.

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Air Quality

( Article Type: Overview )

South Africa is plagued by a number of pressing and persistent air pollution problems in addition to facing various new emerging air pollution issues. High ambient sulphur dioxide and fine particulate concentrations experienced in many urban areas ar

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