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The Living Planet Report - WWF

( Article Type: Sustainable Development )

The dire state of our environment is both a threat and an opportunity, says WWF South Africa CEO, Dr Morne du Plessis, of WWF's Living Planet Report.

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The Story Of Our Future

( Article Type: Sustainable Development )

We are all creatures of story. We tell stories to one another from the nursery to the novel to the cinema, stories that illuminate what matters to us, stories about experience and what meaning we choose to make of it. Stories are also a formidabl

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Transboundary or Transfrontier Pollution

( Article Type: Explanation )

This is pollution that is generated in one country and is carried via air or water to another country where it causes damage, illness or nuisance.

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Transfrontier (Peace) Parks

( Article Type: Explanation )

The Peace Parks Foundation, a Section 21 company not for gain, was started in February 1997 to facilitate the establishment of transfrontier conservation areas, which are also commonly referred to as peace parks.

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Trench Gardening

( Article Type: Explanation )

Trench gardening is a form of subsistence vegetable gardening that has been practised in the townships since the late 1970s.

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( Article Type: Explanation )

This theory suggests that true sustainable development in business must consider not just the financial 'bottom line' of prosperity and profit, but also other 'bottom lines' such as environmental quality and social equity.

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Tropical Rain Forest

( Article Type: Explanation )

Tropical rain forests appear like a girdle around the equator and occupy approximately 8% of the earth's land surface, yet they comprise about half of all growing wood on the face of the earth and provide habitats for at least two fifths of all the

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